User Tips

1.) Setting up the truck forks
  Set the fork to 56 cm. Adjust the fork individually for the smaller sized pallets.
2.) Storage
Presswood pallets save you valuable storage space. To get the best performance we recommend storing the pallets indoors. If they must be stored outside then use a plastic cover to protect them.
 3.) Removing stacked pallets
  You can remove any desired number of pallets from a stack. In order to do so, lift the pallets by tipping the end of the fork downward slightly and moving carefully forward.
4.) Manoeuvring
  Lower the forks and slide into the space provided under the pallet. Note: lift the loaded pallet vertically, ensuring that it does not drag across the floor.
5.) Block stacking
  If Presswood pallets that are loaded with soft goods have to be stacked on top of one another, then use a slip-sheet.
6.) Unloading pallets evenly
  Note: please note, as with all types of pallets, you should unload the pallets from the truck evenly in order not to endanger the uniform load distribution and stability.
7.) Misuse
  For H&S reasons, never sit or stand on the pallets when in motion or in use.
8.) Environment
Presswood pallets are environmentally friendly. Not only are the pallets made from recycled wood, they can also be reprocessed into new Presswood pallets if they become damaged through use.